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Mobility has become “the go to” standard for enterprise connectivity today. As more and more devices are connecting to the wireless networks.

wireless architecture

Wireless architecture has to meet the ever-changing demands of mobile adoption, growth of IoT devices and secure them from growing threats. It is essential to get the right network with the best experience. This delivers cutting-edge customer experience and helps the business grow.

At MDS CS, our experts will put technology to work for your business, bringing in proven delivery expertise, latest tools, technologies and proven methodologies. We work with you to create a comprehensive roadmap for supporting current and planned wireless and mobility applications.

Mobility and Wireless Solutions

How We Can Help You

Features That Sets Us Apart

Engagement Process

Our engagement process includes assessing your existing network, operations, and physical sites before proposing a solution that delivers greater efficiency and accelerate your network transformation.

Significant Approach

Our approach helps us to understand your current infrastructure and map out practical steps for accelerating network transformation.

Network Architecture

MDS CS is at the forefront of architecting next generation networks that organizations need in order to deliver high-performance connectivity to every endpoint.

wireless and mobility solutions

We offer you secure wireless and mobility solutions which optimize your users’ experience, meet their performance expectations, and minimize your operating overheads. We help your organization benefit from advanced mobility and wireless technologies, so you can create solutions for enhanced customer experience, employee engagement and productive workplaces.

Major Benefits of wireless and mobility solutions are as follows

01. BYOD Support

Designed for HD video, rich media communications and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

02. Access Points

Outdoor access points that use high-technology solutions and are made from industrial-grade components.

03. Proper Bandwith Coverage

Wi-fi connectivity and performance to support high density environments and bandwidth requirements.

04. Core Development

Flexible deployment options with centralized, simplified and streamlined network management, and integrated unified access, resulting in enhanced network performance.

05. Strong Connectivity

Highly scalable coverage delivers indoor connectivity even in remote, rugged locations.

Wireless Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Our Advantage

MDS CS is an organization dedicated to a professional approach in order to meet customers’ requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its commitment in terms of financial investment and customer support is aimed at a long-term relationship with its customers.


Founded in 1982 by Sheikh Mohammed Mansour Al-Rumaih (Mideast Data Systems).


With more than 5000 professionals, over 50 of the world’s leading IT suppliers.


The Midis Group is an international organization comprised of over 170 companies across EMEA’s emerging markets.

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24/7 Support

We have a dedicated 24/7 local support for all your IT needs.