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MDS CS Capacity Management is a comprehensive end-to-end solution that makes it easy for organizations to proactively manage performance and do capacity planning in hybrid IT environmentsphysical, virtual, cloud or container.


Capacity Management

MDS CS offers capacity planning and capacity management solutions. Controlling costs, minimizing risks, and aligning with business goals are prerequisites for organizations today. Our services help your business directly in capacity planning, performance monitoring and IT analytics, and helps keep you ahead of your competition.

Some of the key tasks that fall under the umbrella of our Capacity Management process

Monitor, analyze and optimize IT resource utilization

Crafting a model to forecast future resource needs

Managing demand for computing resources

Right size applications ensuring service levels can be met

Why Choose Our

Capacity Management Solutions

Our capacity planning and capacity management involves proper utilization of available resources and makes future capacity requirement available in a cost-effective and timely manner. It is responsible for ensuring that adequate capacity is available at all times to meet the required needs of the business. It also ensures that IT is optimally sized and in a cost- effective manner by producing and regularly upgrading the overall capacity plan.

Our approach to Capacity Management is proactive and not reactive. We work towards ensuring that business and service requirements are met with optimal IT resources and defined SLA’s.

Our Capacity Management makes it easy for any organization to proactively manage performance and various plans, involving four key components

Creating accurate capacity plans, evaluating risk predictions and determining the resource requirements matching demand and capacity.

Capacity Planning

Helping analyze the real-time and historical performance data.

Performance Management

Identifying systems that need immediate attention and understand which systems are at risk of performance related issues in the future.

Key Performance Indicators

Integrating and analyzing data from existing, disparate resources to understand the health, efficiency and risk of your hybrid IT infrastructure.


Our Advantage

MDS CS is an organization dedicated to a professional approach in order to meet customers’ requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its commitment in terms of financial investment and customer support is aimed at a long-term relationship with its customers.


Founded in 1982 by Sheikh Mohammed Mansour Al-Rumaih (Mideast Data Systems).


With more than 5000 professionals, over 50 of the world’s leading IT suppliers.


The Midis Group is an international organization comprised of over 170 companies across EMEA’s emerging markets.

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