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MDS CS follows a centralized approach to protecting all endpoints from cyber threats - be it servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones or any other IoT devices - connected to the corporate IT network.

A combination of system-based and cloud-based prevention technologies, MDS CS provides next generation Endpoint Security solutions to detect threats.

Endpoint Security encompasses intelligent threat management workflow that integrates detection, response, real-time assessment and complete remediation.

Our Endpoint Security solution includes data security, network security, advanced threat prevention, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and remote access VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions.

And keeping a simple and flexible security administration, the security suite can be managed centrally using a single management console.

MDS CS Endpoint Security solution provides centralized management of multi-layered security suite that protects endpoints and their applications against advanced threats and malware.

Why Choose Our

Endpoint Security

Innovative security solutions using machine-learning based analytics and big data platforms can now discover compromised or malicious users or systems participating in attacks and provide a quick remedy.

Automated attack detection and accelerated remediation

Cloud-delivered next-generation antivirus, endpoint protection platform (EPP), and advanced endpoint detection and response (EDR).

Comprehensive coverage of each endpoints using antivirus

Seamless protection against malware, phishing, and command-and-control call backs even when users are off VPN.

Security off the VPN

Deep analytics of users, applications, traffic, destinations and endpoint details, in one place.

Beyond malware

Continuously monitor all file behavior to uncover stealthy attacks. Detect, block, and remediate advanced malware across endpoints.

Deep visibility and control

Empower employees to work from anywhere, on company laptops or personal mobile devices, at any time. Gain endpoint visibility across the extended enterprise.

Simple, secure access

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MDS CS is an organization dedicated to a professional approach in order to meet customers’ requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its commitment in terms of financial investment and customer support is aimed at a long-term relationship with its customers.


Founded in 1982 by Sheikh Mohammed Mansour Al-Rumaih (Mideast Data Systems).


With more than 5000 professionals, over 50 of the world’s leading IT suppliers.


The Midis Group is an international organization comprised of over 170 companies across EMEA’s emerging markets.

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