Accelerate Response
Time to Security Threats

Deploy innovative security across Amazon Web Services (AWS) workloads

Complete Cloud Security with Palo Alto Networks and AWS

In today’s shifting digital landscape, constantly changing your cloud resources can obscure visibility, making it hard to detect and automatically respond to attacks.

It’s time to rethink cloud security. 

Palo Alto Networks is uniquely positioned to provide innovative security across your AWS workloads. Through integrations with AWS Security Hub and Amazon GuardDuty, you can further accelerate detection, investigation and response – eliminating potential threats within your security environment.  

Read this new e-book to find out how you can: 

  • Automatically detect, prevent and respond to security incidents
  • Identify and remove vulnerability gaps
  • Continuously monitor your cloud security and compliance posture
  • Block detected malicious activity using VM-Series
  • Leverage data and context to automate incident response with tailored playbooks

Get your copy today to learn more.

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