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Modern Data Centers today are increasingly complex and distributed across multiple geographic locations and in the Cloud. Data center networking solutions allow organizations to accommodate multiple data center tenants with a variety of workloads.

Modern Data Center Solutions

The emerging ‘Modern Data Center’ foresees a need for hybrid and multicloud architectures. Organizations must adapt and shift their technology and operations to meet the increased application and network connectivity demands of the Data Center architecture.

Involving different technologies and operating at a range of different capacities and capabilities.

MDS CS offers comprehensive Data Center Networking solutions with the intent of helping its customers benefit from technology targeted to meet a variety of use cases and with the possibility of getting seamlessly integrated into a wide range of environments.

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Some of the key features of our Data Centers include

Intelligent Automation

Deploying one policy across the network and saving resources


Protecting the Data Center with complete visibility and multilayered segmentation


Delivering services faster with greater reliability, and reducing or eliminating outages even in complex architectures


Delivering high performance with low latency to allow for more effective and dynamic forms of automation through the Data Center

Why Choose Our

Data Center Networking Solutions

Our Data Center solution is attuned to match the requirements of hybrid IT and multicloud, extending from on-premises Data Centers to public as well as to edge environments. The portfolio is diversified and designed to address the needs and preferences of enterprises of various services across every vertical market.

Software Defined Networking

MDS CS provides the industry leading intent-based SDN Solution (Software Defined Networking), designed to support application agility, Data Center automation, and enabling scalable multicloud networks while providing the flexibility to move applications seamlessly to any location or any cloud without compromising security or availability.

Our portfolio for the Data Center networking features management and automation software, assurance and insights applications, and securing the Data Center.

Data Center networking products and support

MDS CS also offers its Data Center networking products and support, backed by an ecosystem that includes a wide range of technology partners in Data Center infrastructure, cloud, and related technologies.

On the hardware side, we provide Data Center switches that deliver high-performance and density, as well as low latency and exceptional power efficiency. The switches are highly programmable and offer industry-leading Software Defined Networking for Data Center automation.

Our Advantage

MDS CS is an organization dedicated to a professional approach in order to meet customers’ requirements in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its commitment in terms of financial investment and customer support is aimed at a long-term relationship with its customers.


Founded in 1982 by Sheikh Mohammed Mansour Al-Rumaih (Mideast Data Systems).


With more than 5000 professionals, over 50 of the world’s leading IT suppliers.


The Midis Group is an international organization comprised of over 170 companies across EMEA’s emerging markets.

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We have a dedicated 24/7 local support for all your IT needs.