What Data Center Solutions Does MDS CS Offer for Saudi Businesses?

Think Data Center solutions are simply meant for the big wigs in Saudi Arabia?

Well, think again….

Having access to a range of data center services has its advantages, irrespective of the size or type of your business.

But before the ‘why’ let’s first understand the concept of a data center.

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What Is a Data Center?

Data centers have been around since the dawn of modern age computing. You will typically find data centers to be a cluster of equipment and servers, either in a room or a compound.

Data center can be defined as computing facilities and networking equipment are located and centralized. They are tasked to collect, store, process, and distribute large amounts of data.

The job does not end here.

A key responsibility of data centers is to manage data backup, recovery, and networking via hosting websites, manage e-mails, and instant messaging services. Moreover, data centers also have the capability to support cloud storage applications and e-commerce transactions.

As the meeting point of communication networks, data centers enable users to access information via a secure channel, remotely.

Whilst the technologies are designed to boost performance, productivity and operability, the absence of advanced network solutions may hinder progress instead of promoting it. And the key to ensuring that the networking solutions are strong, resilient and successful can only be accomplished with the help of Managed IT Services.

Why Data Center Solutions?

Data center services in KSA involves solutions that are designed to address the need for resources in order to secure data in the cloud. Protecting data access points are also a part of the solution as most data and infrastructure in current scenarios in Saudi Arabia have been virtualized. 

Generally, a data center that is software defined is able to run workloads in the cloud or even locally. As part of the hybrid model, it can move back and forth as and when required. Typically, the majority of Saudi businesses tend to use a physical data center that is supported by service providers and cloud resources. This format of data center solutions will generally comprise support for virtualized networking, storage and security.

Among other things, it adds that competitive edge to your business and even helps to improve cost and time expenditures by streamlining organizational goals.

What Data Center Solutions Does MDS CS Offer for Saudi Businesses?

Data center networking solutions are offered to businesses in Saudi Arabia by a number of key players. In the sea of so many service providers, MDS CS is a rising star that provides a broad range of key data center service offers that has attracted a lot of attention in the last few years.

Key features of MDS CS’s data center solutions are:

  • Intelligent Automation through the deployment of a unified policy across the network. This saves time, effort and, most importantly, resources.
  • Segmentation involves securing the data center offering complete transparency and visibility. This is done via multi-layered segmentation.
  • Reliability is delivered to clients with response times with a view to minimizing or eliminating outages. This applies to complex data center architectures too.
  • Scalability is a high priority with businesses in Saudi Arabia on a mode of expansion. Focusing on best in class performance combined with low latency ensures that dynamic forms to automation through our data center services are more effective in the long term.

Software Defined Networking:

When you choose to partner with MDS CS for your networking solutions, you can also avail of its industry leading intent-based Software Defined Networking Solution. The SND is unique as it has been designed to support a number of key capabilities. This includes:

  • Application Agility
  • Data Center Automation
  • Enabling Scalable, Multi-Cloud Networks

The objective is to offer more flexibility to shift applications as per business requirements to either on the cloud or even to a physical location as smoothly as possible without having to compromise availability or security.

Other Key Service Offerings:

In addition to the portfolio of the usual data center services in KSA, MDS CS also excels in core areas of:

  • Data Center Networking Features Management
  • Automation Software
  • Assurance and Insights Applications
  • Securing the Data Center

Data center networking support and products offered by MDS CS is backed by a strong and robust ecosystem. This, in turn, includes a broad spectrum of technology partners who excel in Data Center infrastructure, cloud, and related technologies.

As far as the hardware side is concerned, MDS CS offers Data Center switches that are highly programmable using its top of the line Software Defined Networking for Data Center automation system.

The Bottom Line

With volumes of data that a typical company handles on a daily basis and the rising demand for information trading, Data center networking solutions are an indispensable resource for any enterprise across the globe today. It is a key deciding factor when it comes to evaluating the success of a business in the long term.