Providing Advanced Network Solutions using Managed IT

The pandemic has forced a new way of workforce operation that is heavily dependent on software such as the VPN and the cloud. This is critical to ensure employee efficiency. Imagine the majority of your workforce accessing multi-cloud environments via various different SaaS platforms daily to get their work done from home.

The Role of Managed IT in Advanced Network Solutions  

Rather than adding value, the technologies put tremendous pressure on IT teams in-house especially in the case of small to medium sized business with limited access to multiple vendor solutions with legacy infrastructure and firewalls. Add to that the strain of tracking remote collaboration tools, applications, software and network accessibility. Undoubtedly, the companies have their hands full and in fact end up investing significantly into time, effort and resources to manage the entire process.

Whilst the technologies are designed to boost performance, productivity and operability, the absence of advanced network solutions may hinder progress instead of promoting it. And the key to ensuring that the networking solutions are strong, resilient and successful can only be accomplished with the help of Managed IT Services.

The Benefits of Managed IT

Managed IT comes with a range of benefits and of course the solutions are borderless. Other than just providing the business with the best in-class advanced networking solutions in Riyadh or anywhere else in the world, the systems are extremely strong, reliable and affordable.

The present landscape has put tremendous emphasis on a mobile and remote workforce. Here Managed IT plays a critical role by ensuring that it provides the right end to end data center networking solutions to safeguard and secure information through sophisticated channels. Understandably, the objective of the exercise is to avert, identify, and cope with threats for amplified security and superior data protection.

Here are some of the ways in which data center network solutions can be implemented with the help of Managed IT:

Multi-Factor Authentication: A key component of Data Networking Solutions are 2FA or two/multi-factor authentication protocols. Providing industry-leading automation, programmability, and real-time visibility that can be scaled to meet requirements, the process works towards controlling user access to protect networks or devices from authorized admittance. Since it helps minimize the risk of compromised identities by up to 99.9%, almost 59% of IT leaders are banking on multi-factor authentication systems to combat illegal network break-ins around the globe.

Next-Gen Firewall Protection: Putting a lot of emphasis on endpoint and cloud security, next generation firewall protection is again a vital element of Data Center Networking protocols. It brings with it visibility to the system that is world class that works towards driving hidden risks to the limelight. This gives authorized users complete control over their respective networks.

Supported by deep learning, there are fewer intrusions and the risk of unknown threats a greatly minimized. Backed by the automated threat response mechanism, the firewalls are able to isolate infected channels, thus, keeping any illegal incursions to the bare minimum.

Endpoint Protection: Machine learning along with artificial intelligence has uplifted endpoint detection and response to the next level. Boost record attacks, preventing ransomware, minimizing active adversary mitigations, stopping credential thefts and persistence, plus, detecting any malicious activities can be done with the help of the system’s anti ransomware feature.

VPN and Cloud Security: App based VPN features provides the best security for mobile devices. It is an extension of the overarching firewall framework providing it with an additional layer of security. A VPN connection that is intuitive can offer your remote workforce with a safer and protected platform to access information. Additionally, it also keeps all sensitive data protected.


In this digital age, cybersecurity is of paramount importance for enterprises across sectors. With more and more companies switching to a remote working model as a result of the ongoing pandemic, the need to upscale to advanced network security solutions is now absolutely imperative. Other than advanced network solutions, the key is to integrate compliance checks with security protocols, keep a check on misconfigurations, and get the visibility to access controls.

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