Network Detection Response NDR Cyber Security Solution

Did you know that over the last 5 years, the number of security incidents across the globe rose by a whopping 67%? And 43% of the time, the victims of these cyber attacks have been small and medium sized businesses. No doubt, hackers find it easier to detect hidden vulnerabilities and infiltrate networks and systems in businesses that have less robust cyber security capabilities.

No doubt there is a need for networking solutions that will make the systems more secure.

Network Detection Response or commonly referred to as NDR is proving to be one of the most powerful defences against malware and ransomware.

What is Network Detection Response?

Gartner defines Network Detection Response as using “non-signature-based techniques (for example, machine learning or other analytical techniques) to detect suspicious traffic on enterprise networks. NDR tools continuously analyze raw traffic and/or flow records to build models that reflect normal network behaviour.”

NDR is being adopted as a key Data Center Networking Solutions in KSA. It helps to track and monitor traffic that comes through from multiple sources through a range of sensors that have been strategically placed throughout the system. At the very moment that a suspicious traffic pattern hits the network, an alert or notification is sent to the listed administrators instantly. Deploying network security solutions help accelerate the response mechanism through a series of automated functions.

How Does NDR Simplify the Network Security Capabilities?

If you are looking for viable network security solutions in Saudi Arabia, then NDR offers a range of tools that come with various features and functionalities to streamline your security capabilities and processes. Let’s deep dive into what these functions actually provide.

Detection of Malicious Activity: Conventional security solutions often tend to detect fileless malware. Hackers generally make use of non-malicious tools that are already familiar with the network to obscure their activity. The NDR mechanism relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously analyze traffic flow sources. It instantly sends out an alert if it identifies suspicious applications that can compromise systems in the network.

Real-time Rapid Response: In the event of a cyber-attack, deploying the NDR automatically provides access to a real-time, rapid response system. The mechanism is designed to detect the affected devices using an attack campaign analysis protocol. It continues to monitor the type of malicious activity in real-time.

Exhaustive Network Intelligence: The majority of endpoint security and log-based solutions are unable to identify malware as it lurks through the system unseen and undetected resulting in unauthorized data extraction, causing damage to the system. Implementing the NDR powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence helps construct a database of all identified threats. This immediately helps to flag the presence of any malware in the network.

In Conclusion

When selecting an NDR, always opt for solutions that offer visibility across the network. If you are contemplating network solutions in KSA, consider going with MDS CS, a well-known and trusted partner in this space. Offering a range of security network services, MDS CS helps businesses adopt a cloud ready NDR solution that works in multi-cloud environments.