Customer Experience is Everything – Get it Right with Cisco CX



A Gartner study reports that 75% of companies have taken up the objective of trying to improve their standard of customer experiences.

What Are the Trends Saying About Customer Experiences?

Customer experience, over the years, has completely changed in its entirety. Some of the key trends that are driving this transformation are:

Data Centralization: Getting the basics right is essential. While most companies have their processes in place to listen to what their customers are saying, they are not always acting on the feedback that they receive. Being over-focussed on the metric is possibly creating a barrier where they are overlooking what their customers are telling them.

Simplifying and personalising are two of the basic CX trends. Mapping the customer journey and then developing and understanding it is what businesses should be concentrating their energies on. The gaps should be identified so that the overall customer experience is even more enriching.

Centralizing the data that is gathered is vital. Minus this, it is going to be extremely difficult to minimize customer effort in order to customize their overall brand experience.

The foundation of a brand’s competitive advantage lies in how well it can use this data to invest in customer engagements and collaborations. Those who effectively use them will get that edge over brands that have a more traditional approach.

Embedding Customer Service: A standout example of embedded customer service is United Bank’s interactive teller. In 2019, these technologies are predicted to become more accepted and prevalent. With the cost of technology reducing in the coming years, customer experiences will also be dominated by embedded CX technologies.

With more empowerment to customers, the need to engage them has taken centre stage more than ever before. For all businesses, the concept of customer intelligence is a top priority these days and the importance of it will be felt in the years to come. What businesses need to focus on is collecting customer data and productively using it to drive results to enhance their CX.

What Is the Importance of Metrics & KPIs in Customer Experience?

As Reed Hastings, Netflix’s Co-founder and CEO said, “Leaders like Steve Jobs have a sense of style and what customers seek, but I don’t. We need consumer science to get there.”

It’s important to discover what delights your customer through a scientific process because they are the central element of what a business does.

In other words, you need to bank on customer experience metrics and KPIs to hypothesize and find out if your assumptions worked out or not. With a tool like Cisco CX services, you can access deeper insights and learnings that will help you get the business outcomes that you desire.

Closing Thoughts

No business can afford to sit out the 21st century Customer Experience Wars. Get in touch with MDS CS, a Cisco Partner to implement the rules of engagement. Determine whether what your business extends is only a stepping stone on the way to CX or if you are offering the experience itself.