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About the Midis Group

With more than 5000 professionals, some 100 of the world’s leading IT suppliers, and a solid 50-year track record of performance and reliability, the Midis Group is an international organization comprised of over 170 companies across Europe, the Middle East & Africa.

The group is known for its advanced offering of managed IT services and consultancy, system integration, cloud and data center capabilities and infrastructure, software and hardware solutions, as well as technology distribution and retail.

The group focuses on providing the best in services, with integrity, to vendors, partners, and customers across the destinations it serves.

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About MDS CS

Founded in 1982 by Sheikh Mohammed Mansour Al-Rumaih (Mideast Data Systems), the company started its activity by hiring highly qualified staff with thorough experience in the relevant and specialist fields of Computers, Data Communications and Electro-Mechanical installations and support Systems.

Today, MDS CS is a well-known and highly reputable organization with a team of over 75 Engineers and Technicians and a total staff of 450, with a large base of satisfied customers including significant number of large turnkey projects.

MDS CS brings in a highly professional approach to meet each of its customers’ unique business requirements. Its commitment in terms of financial investment and customer support is aimed at a long-term relationship with its customers.

A Global Leader In IT Solutions

Part of the Midis Group

As part of the Midis Group, we form a strong and powerful network covering the emerging markets as a distinguished group of information and communications technology companies. We aim our specializations in providing information technology, networking, communications products and services in addition to data centres, collaboration, security and mobility to name a few.

Our Strategic Values

At, MDS CS, we strive to enhance our solution offering and employee skill set to meet the ever changing requirements of our key customers; and to be more closely aligned with their objectives. Integrity, Trust, Accountability, and Commitment to customers are a few examples of the core values we implement within our organization.


For any organization looking to maximize it’s IT investments, it’s important to eliminate as many functions as you can that operate in a vacuum. Inter-dependencies between IT functions, or unification, is the key source of generating maximum value.


Cyber security can longer take the back seat. Organizations today have “more” to protect, with the sheer amount of data, users, services etc. In addition, the constant evolution of cyber threats mandates a proactive and innovative approach to security.


Our Cisco cloud portfolio can help organizations simplify the process & manage a private, public or hybrid cloud for either for one application on a single cloud or multiple applications on multiple clouds.


The landscape of networking technologies is rapidly evolving. These new emerging technologies will have various impacts on how companies connect, communicate , work and remain secure.